It's a Tiny Thing... In a Big way- The X Files

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It's a Tiny Thing... In a Big way- The X Files

So for most of you who know me or knew my father The X Files was a common thing in our house. I grew up to a world where Mulder and Scully were at the center of it. So why talk about it now? One, Netflix recently launched all 9 seasons, 22-25 episode each season, (do you remember when series lasted that long, I mean we get maybe 15 a year now and if it's HBO or Showtime it's 8-10). So with this resent TV hallmark, I decide it was time to introduce the family. I have a sense of peace knowing this my dad would have liked that my kids are now sharing in a family tradition, especially for the traditionless, like us. We don't really follow traditions in a sense, but make new ones. Two, not only is David in a new series (Aquarius), but The X Files is doing a 6 episode reboot in January 2016. This is so exciting to me. And Three the amazing Gillian Anderson is going to been here in Dallas, Texas this weekend at Fan Expo! I need to be there, I am currently working on the funds to get my cancer ridden butt there! To quote David "Come Hell or Highwater!"

I still have my X Files Barbies, I mean come on, this is a chance of a life time to meet another idol, who has blessed my life in a lot of ways. This is something I share with my father, I have lost all my time with him, but his memories are still strong and a piece of me wants to keep our favorite past times live and well, not corroded by cancer and sad feelings.

So once again here is my speech on Heirlooms. What is a Heirloom, it's not that crappy watch, it's memories, photos, and the sense of them in the small things that bring them back. Maybe for only a hour or two, but in every episode I watch, memories all come back. Sitting in his lap for every episode and knowing we were apart of something bigger that we could have ever thought. I wish he was here to see it, but I know he is watching and is proud.


Taylor Dean
Taylor Dean

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I am the daughter of an addict.

I was the daughter to an alcoholic.

I was verbally abused by someone who should have protected me.

I learn death young, I even touched it, hoping for life.

I watched the man who made me a princess, die.
I watched the woman who was so hateful, die as she tried to kill me too.
I am a genetic ticking time bomb.
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am nothing like the people who made me.
I fear nothing, because I've seen your worst nightmares and lived to tell about it.
I am broken, but I breathe through it all and I am stronger for it...

I do not post this for kind words or pity, I post the truth to inspire others to be brave and share who they are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing you read above is false and yes, if my mother does ever read this I'm sure it with break her heart. But she to knows the pain inflicted on me as a child, teen, and young adult. I do not speak ill of my parents or grandparents, only speaking the truth. The truth can set you free and mine has.

So next time you think of yourself, think of me and how I am now open to a future not clouded by the past, but bright by the future.


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