RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!

I have to say that to date I have yet to have an event excite me and exhaust me all in one day. Granted I am facing returning cancer and carrying 150 lbs. worth of book most likely did not help. But with this review I want to give you some background on how I got here and the reason I have stayed on course.

Two years ago I was a simple reader with a little luck. The amazing Colleen Hoover give me a golden ticket to The Denton Authors Event. At the time the only authors I knew were Colleen and Kelly Elliott, but before time was up I knew so many more. Through the books of Colleen, Kelly, Amelie Fisher,Kathryn Perez and Paige Weaver, I was pumped to meet the others I have become to love. But how does a young mother of three meet authors from all over the United States? Well I started with befriending those author and so many more and followed the bread crumbs and my next stop was The Author from Vilma's, met the rest of my crew, the wild Jay Crownover, Sweet and Sassy Jessica Sorensen, small and quiet Katy Evans, the Mysterious J.A. Redmerski, and so may more. So becoming more than a reader started to make since, well after reading Therapy from Kathryn Perez. Why, because for once the need to be more was there, to prove to my family that it is never to late to became the person you want to be and so I went back to school and made ever event I could.

RT Dallas was out of my price range and so I simply packed it away till I got the message from the host herself to come and join the fun, and so I did for one day. The Hyatt Regency was gorgeous and dressed to the nine for the even. Elevators doors covered like book covers, columns wrapper in photos of the authors and even a fountain with a projection of the RT logo in the water. I'm kicking myself now for not taking more pictures, but this is the career I wish to pro sue, I became blogger while dealing with my first round of cancer, Book review, Teasers, believe me the work is hard, fun and so rewarding and this is where the host, the amazing Kathryn Falk came in and told me I needed to be there, if for only one day. So I planned and planned and got prepare for the convention.

Ms. Kathryn Falk was the most amazing person I have met, she treated me with so much respected and he husband was the most old fashion gentlemen I have met in along time. Two people taking the love of books and blowing it wide open for all the readers who want more. The hotel was breathe taking and fun to look at, so beautiful and amazing... I was out of my league, but I fit at the same time. Authors I knew from before, running up to hug me, wish me well and make jokes.

The Giant Book Fair, this was a sight to see. I got the chance to go in early without the crowd, but I was not organized to say the least and it wasn't long before 300+ authors and over 3,000 reader clogged the room. But think how often do you get the chance to meet so many people that you admire in one room, not many.

Then you have all the parties, with FREE books. People walked away with 5 to 300 books. I started with 51 and end with 82. Crazy, I know but I love books. A world within a world, for dreamers and those alike.

Down time, there was not a lot of that, but I got the shock of a lifetime to not only meet the one and the only E.L. James, but sit and chat with her, Colleen, Vilma, Murphy, Kathryn, and so many more.

Did I mention that I final met Rachel Van Dyken! So excite! A this point my body was pretty much wearing down on me. So this was my time to go home and think on one of the most magical days ever.

So yes, this was a five star event in my eyes, one I hope to do again. Between college, and writing my own book which Murphy Rae, Colleen Hoover's sister is working on my Cover and will be doing my edits. Between PR and Writing I hope to continue my journey, travel, have a ton of fun with my peeps and live for me.

So if you love books, love the authors who wrote them, keep your ears peeled and watch for my post. At the moment I hope to make it to Vegas, July 17-19, Traveling Book Shelf, in August, maybe Houston in October, and of course Austin in March.

I made the right choice and I can feel the future looking so much brighter.

I am the daughter of an addict.

I was the daughter to an alcoholic.

I was verbally abused by someone who should have protected me.

I learn death young, I even touched it, hoping for life.

I watched the man who made me a princess, die.

I watched the woman who was so hateful, die as she tried to kill me too.

I am a genetic ticking time bomb.


I am smart.

I am beautiful.

I am nothing like the people who made me.

I fear nothing, because I've seen your worst nightmares and lived to tell about it.

I am broken, but I breathe through it all and I am stronger for it...

Taylor Dean

RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
RT 2015 Dallas- My Review!
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