Silence Broken

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

Taylor Dean
Taylor Dean

Letting the Dust Settle

Or that was the advice given to me. By far I am not a liar, stalker, or anything else that is going around about me, but merely someone working two sides of the same coin. I know not everyone can hit success in the book writing world, but I hope too, but just as I hope to be successful there I like the world of PR too. I love to read and to promote the writers I love, regardless of how they feel about me at the moment, I still support them. As far as my illnesses, yes, they are very much real and, no I am now choosing to keep my mouth shut on them. I never tried to use my illness to get books or anything else and if you feel differently you have my permission to contact me and we can discuss it. As far as the group I used to vent, I never asked for anything, merely need to talk and let it out and it be over, but the group was not safe like I thought and yes there was a GoFundMe in a panic too, but I deleted it as fast as I put it up. But yes some saw it and I'm very sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but we all have moments in which we are weak and social media is the new pool to which we throw all our trash out there. I will post pictures of my family and the blog, but most things will be kept between me and close family and friends. What was said was hurtful, wrong and sad, but I forgive you, because holding on to it will not help. Currently I am working on Flashover and a new book Residue, which is more sci-fi than romance, but who doesn't love a good old mystery. I am still in college and of course a mom and wife, so life moves on and where I go from here is a mystery, because I live for more than bad gossip. I love all of my authors and always will and I don't blame anyone... I just want to be accepted and loved for the crazy, fun, book lover that I am and you know you love me too. Anyone tagged here is just to reach all corners and not in part of any of the bad gossip.

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bethel 07/07/2015 00:45

keep your head up ma, and dont be move by what people got to say....