Desperate Chances by A. Meredith Walters~MY REVIEW!

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

Desperate Chances by A. Meredith Walters~MY REVIEW!

My Review~

The Bad Rep Series is the first series by the lovely Ms. Walters I read. It's a series that takes you back to college or High School, if you didn't go to college and reminds you that friends are a dime a dozen and people are always waiting to stab you in the back. As a self destructive people myself, I see the pain and reasons behinds Gracie's choice. The heart is a very fragile organ, one once broken is near impossible to repair. So to feel the feeling of passion again can be the most overwhelming thing in the world and well any girl can feel for Gracie.

Mitch is a whole different story, confident, ready to see where the wind can take him and more that ready to see if Gracie is up for the challenge. But with rejection he moves on and carries on, but Gracie is still there, where every he goes.

So when the two are thrown back together will the flames reunite them or will it douse the flames forever.

This is a 5 Star book in my eyes, as with many of A. Meredith's books I have found a piece of me in the pages. The power written in her books speak volumes, you only have to listen. Congrats A. Meredith on yet other stellar book.

Desperate Chances by A. Meredith Walters~MY REVIEW!
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