Oblivion~ A Nevermore Novel~ by Kelly Creagh~ My Review

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

Oblivion by Kelly Creagh
Oblivion by Kelly Creagh

Sadly, due to life's unexpected events, I did not get this review out on time. I have been dying to get my hand on this book for awhile. As any Nevermore fan you know that Kelly takes her time and crafts her books to perfection and never disappoints.

Varen and Isobel have been two of my favorite characters for years. Two people I am complete in love with. They don't belong in the same worlds, but that is the mind blowing thing, they belong together in the most beautiful world. But with Varen still lost in his own, Isobel must take that last chance to get him back and ward off not only the evil in his world, but the evil that has now corded him. She must make his see that they're love is more powerful that her evil, and bring him home.

Bravo to my friend Kelly Creagh, you have out done yourself and I still hope for a novella. But I do know where to go when I need a Varen and Isobel pick me up. 5 stars from me!


Ps. How's Nicky?

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