Why I love Taylor Swift and if you don't keep it to yourself!

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

Wildest Dreams Video
Wildest Dreams Video

Who has not wanted to publicly humiliate an Ex? What better way than making millions for it... Right, she banking off the asshats that think she is stupid. As for her new video, one it is gorgeous, two actors are known for hooking up on set and then run home the their husband/wife. So no she is not supporting cheating, but she is using it to it's fullest. Three, did you watch the video, OMG it's AMAZEBALLZ!!!!

Plus, she is genuinely a nice person, regardless of the reason she does something has no merit on why she really did it. She's the only one that can answer that, and why does she need to answer for it, A good deed is a good deed no matter how make the pony look, it's still a pony.

Yes, I own every album of hers, sadly all of them where lost in the wreck, but I have most of them on my phone as well, and Wildest Dreams is on a loop at the moment and I don't plan to change it anytime soon.

So next time you choice to pick at person, remember she may have any army behind her willing to tell you were hell to stick your crappy option.

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