RIP by Rachel Van Dyken~ My Review

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RIP by Rachel Van Dyken~ My Review

My Review~

So as I always say I may be a tiny bit bias when it comes to Rachel, but as I also tell many I read all review books the same. I read through every word and between every line, I'm very good a picking out details most will not notice. As with every book I read it should be done like making love (remember the books are full of sex). Should be slow and all you attention should be on the book in front of you.

So we have more mafia from the lady who spun the web that caught us to begin with. Nikolai and Maya are a very different couple from Nixon and Trace, but the beauty you can find in all the violence is mind boggling and spell binding. I will not give away the returning mafia, that makes this book blend so well, but I will say if you have all of Rachel's book you will be super happy and quiet pleased. So I give this book a 5 bloody syringe review, and I am sure not the only one. And not the one that hopes to see more of those two. Bravo to my bestie Rachel, and I can't wait for more.


Taylor Dean

RIP by Rachel Van Dyken~ My Review
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