Sorry For My Long Absences

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Hello to all my shiny pennies, hope all is well with my tiny new family here. I have personally been fighting a ton of my own demons and took some time to get my stress and health in control. As a new YouTuber, I recently joined the I am Witness Campaign. This is a campaign that promotes, stopping bullies in their tracks. Recently I have been bullied by my own peers as I was trying to make head way in the indie field as a fellow writer/blogger. I have worked hard to get my name out there and into the crazy world of writing and I had blazed a pretty good path. But like a ton of other issues. I made a few people feel insecure and so I was lynched by a few close friends of mine. I have lost a lot in the past two years and I plan to continue forward.

My family is still recovering from the wreck, I'm back in college to continue my degree and have made a few choices of my own. I will still be working PR, but only for select authors. I still plan to go to events, spent time with the people I love and support. I hold no hard feelings for those who hurt me, but if you stand on a no bullying platform, please do not bully aspiring authors, we are all here for the same reason.

To all that I owe reviews, they are being finalized now and will be up in the next few hours on here, Goodreads, and Amazon. I'm so sorry I fell behind and I hope all of you understand that I needed some much needed R&R and time to process the mess other made for me.


Taylor Dean

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