My Health- My Sticky Situation

Published on by Taylor Dean Irvin

My Health- My Sticky Situation

It's been a really hard year... My family suffered, my kids suffered, my husband suffered, but most of all I suffered... A routine yearly girly exam said otherwise. What was to be a simple surgery to remove Stage 0 cervical cancer turn into Stage 3 a week later. From there my mental and physical health crashed to the ground for my husband and kids to dig throw. After four, yes four right kidney infections, they have seen an abnormal mass that has yet to detremed... And I have let all this pull me into a dark hole! I'm done! It's time to fight, not just for my health, to be happy, to enjoy my kids, to love my husband with EVERYTHING I have, TO LIVE! Tomorrow is not promised, but I have today! So this winter break I will catch up on all the ARC's I have fallen behind on! So to my family, I'm so sorry, to my kids teachers, I'm so sorry! To InkSlinger, I'm so sorry, to myself I'm so sorry! I have let the Cancer win, I let the weight gain win... No, more! It's time to live, even if I feel bad, or I'm scared! To anyone I failed I'm sorry! LET'S LIVE!!!!

My Health- My Sticky Situation
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KP Simmon 12/19/2014 14:58

Beautiful friend. We love you. So much. And the ONLY thing I, and the rest of the team and authors at InkSlinger PR, care about is you being healthy, safe and whole again. In every single way that matters. So. No apologies to us. We love you. Fight, friend. Because we love you.

amanda 12/19/2014 03:41

You got this! Give it your best fight and love your beautiful family!

Taylor Irvin 12/18/2014 21:43

The photo above is from two years ago!